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San Bernardino Criminal Defense Lawyer

Looking to hire an experienced and one of the best San Bernardino criminal defense attorney & DUI lawyer law office near you? The right San Bernardino criminal defense lawyer with experience can help the residents of all SB communities in crime offense matters. When you hire the right private attorney, he or she can get your criminal charges dropped or reduced significantly.

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It is recommended that you hire San Bernardino criminal defense lawyer who is well respected by the judges and other legal professionals to handle your case and your will be at an advantage. You should have confidence knowing that the right San Bernardino criminal defense lawyer will provide you and your loved ones with a quality legal representation. Hire the right team that brings quality services, passion, and trial experience to all cases. A San Bernardino criminal defense attorney who is very creative and is always proactive in finding solutions to the toughest legal problems can make a huge difference in your criminal conviction. Nothing should be small or too big for the right experienced and aggressive criminal lawyer to handle.

San Bernardino County Criminal Law Overview

San Bernardino criminal law is mostly based on California criminal law codes. Criminal laws in California are stringent and wide to cover a spectrum of wrongdoings which the government feels are adverse and harmful to the citizens and dwellers of the land. Hence, it is not surprising that new laws spring up while current ones may get uplifted or edited from time to time to adjust to the changing environment and social needs for maintaining a safe and secure environment for one and all.  You will need the help of an experienced San Bernardino criminal defense lawyer who is well versed in the law to help you understand the state and county law.

The criminal statutes enforced in this state cover not only the definitions of illegal conduct but also specify convictions and penalties. California operates uniquely in activating its criminal laws in various ways. It exercises strict enforcements on drug crimes and domestic violence crimes with serious punishments meted on serious criminal crimes committed and convicted in its courts instead of a meager fine or imprisonment. California is very detailed and thorough on many areas in which crimes could be conducted. The state passes laws imposing capital punishments on many serious crimes in its book such as:

  • Dangerous weapons crimes
  • Sexual assaults
  • Drug related crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Identity thefts
  • Racketeering
  • First degree crimes such as murders

These areas of crimes have their own specific and relevant statutory provisions to convict and punish as deemed fit by the court. To understand more of the above mentioned crimes be sure to speak with a San Bernardino criminal defense lawyer.

Gun control laws in this state are very strict compared to other states in the nation with heavy punishments on possessing and manipulating illegal firearms for the wrong reasons.

Sexual assault laws in California refer to sexual battery which is viewed more stringently in this state as rape which is a more serious criminal charge. Sexual offense are serious crimes You do not want to mess around with a sexual accusation or investigation. Always talk to a private criminal attorney to help. You might be tempted to go with a public defender but with sex crimes you might want to seriously consider hiring the best San Bernardino criminal defense lawyer.

Any drug related crime is frowned upon by the state authorities where strong drug cultivation and manufacturing laws work to deter the prolific activities that serve to harm and destroy the nation.

Drug laws address the production or manufacture of drugs like marijuana and methamphetamine even for personal or medical purposes without the legal approval of the authorities.

Theft laws in California are very comprehensive in prohibiting identity theft and discouraging petty theft or shoplifting. Any activity that manipulates another’s property unlawfully for whatever reason is classified as ‘theft’ in this state. This includes the willful manipulation of personal identification data such as birth date, name or Social Security numbers.

Racketeering laws in California serve to prohibit criminal activities endorsed by criminal enterprises. This is known as organized crimes which includes drug distribution and money laundering that destroys the nation and its people without proper control.

San Bernardino County Criminal Penalties and Punishments

Any arrest for crimes in California or San Bernardino County county would result in jail until a release on bail which could be activated personally or by a hired San Bernardino criminal defense lawyer. The offender could be charged with an arraignment to state their case before preliminary hearings take place at a later date. A trial could happen within 45 days of an arraignment unless the defending lawyer requests for more time to plead the case. A misdemeanor case even with DUI offenses could impact immigration status. Misdemeanor cases cover:

  • petty theft
  • assault
  • minor drug possession
  • hit-and-run
  • certain domestic violence

Penalties include jail times and fines. Felony charges carry heavier penalties to include:

  • longer prison time
  • heavier fines
  • major social repercussions

San Bernardino DUI Defense

San Bernardino criminal defense lawyers also defend those accused of driving under the influence or alcohol or drugs too. The reality is that more stringent DUI laws are emerging to curb the increasing number of DUI offenses and crimes in California. The state expanded the number of categories in DUI offenses to empower the Department of Motor Vehicle to act strictly on the DUI offender separately from a court conviction. This means a longer suspension of driver’s license with privileges taken away for a longer period. The state of California implemented another change in 2010 with a mandatory Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installation on convicted DUI offenders.  The Assembly Bill 91 requires the DMV to pilot a program immediately on DUI offenders who are convicted of the charge in court. Assembly Bill 1165, California exercises zero tolerance on repeated DUI offenders with additional sanctions imposed while Senate Bill 1190 lowers the minimum BAC level for an immediate charge and IID installation by a court judge. Assembly Bill 2802 allows the court to convict a DUI offender charged with reckless driving to attend an education program and counseling on DUI issues.

A criminal defense attorney who offer no obligation consultation can help those in need of best DUI defense. These criminals lawyers also know as San Bernardino DUI lawyers typically offer customized options on how you can get your cases dropped or reduced.

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