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Burglary is a crime that is prosecuted under Section 459 of the California Penal Code. It is defined as entering a room/structure or locked vehicle with the intent to commit a theft or felony once inside. Entering a home, hotel room, garage or other place inhabited by people is known as “residential burglary” and is a first degree offense, while entering a commercial building, store or office is considered a second degree “commercial burglary.”

Proofing Burglary

Proving burglary charges involve proving incontrovertibly that:

  • The accused entered the building, room or locked vehicle
  • The accused intended to commit a felony after entering

The definition of a building can include popcorn stands, telephone booths, wire chicken-coops, enclosures, loading-docks bordered with a chain fence etc. or in short, anything that has four walls and a roof. “Entering” can also include penetrating the building’s outer boundary with any part of the body or a tool/object and can also be applied to windows and outer perimeters like balconies and patios. The definition may be extended when required, to include entering a Bank of America branch with the intention of cashing a check that you know to be fraudulent.

Break And Entering Punishment

First degree burglary convictions are punishable with up to six years imprisonment, fines and it is considered a “strike” under California law. Second degree offenses invite imprisonment up to three years and are not considered strikes. These are known as “wobbler” offenses since charges may be filed under felony or misdemeanor, based on circumstances, criminal record etc. If the victim of a burglary is seriously injured or is “vulnerable” – i.e. above 65, under 14,  mentally/physically challenged, etc the charges are compounded.

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