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California have stringent state criminal laws to protect its residents and uphold law and order in its city. The California Penal Code laws are sufficient to cover all types of crimes, both misdemeanors and felonies, in the city to ensure peace and order at all times.

Petty Theft:  The California Penal Code 484 and 488 defines petty theft as the stealing of items worth at most $950 to be classified as a misdemeanor offense. However, a second or repeated offense could trigger a felony charge by the prosecution under Penal Code 666 PC which refers to a “Petty Theft with a Prior”.

Burglary: The California Penal Code 459 PC defines a burglary crime to be a breaking into a premise of another person without permission to commit a felony or theft once inside. If the premise constitutes a home, the crime is classified as a residential burglary which is subject to the California Three Strikes Law.

Domestic Violence: The California Penal Code 273 PC on domestic violence covers domestic battery which is very common in domestic violence crimes. Such crimes in San Leandro refer to the willful and unlawful offensive physical touch committed against intimate partners using force or violence.

DUI: The California Field Sobriety Tests are usually applied by law enforcement officers in testing the BAC levels of drivers to charge them with DUI offenses. Prosecution of DUI cases could lead to DMV hearings and court trials with a suspension or revocation of driver’s license.

Restraining Orders: A restraining order could be issued on a domestic violence case by the court to protect alleged victims. There are different types of restraining orders which could be requested by abused victims for protection in various environments such as home or work.

Sex Crimes: Sex crimes in San Leandro, California cover a wide span from pimping to soliciting a prostitute. There are appropriate Penal Code laws to handle every aspect of sex crime to protect the public and city image of this vice. The California Penal Codes address rape, prostitution, lewd conduct in public and child pornography.

Robbery: The California Penal Code 211 PC ensures appropriate punishments and sentences to those who apply force or fear in deposing another’s personal property. It is possible for an alleged robber to face both robbery and petty theft charges simultaneously in California if the stolen item is worth up to $950 and taken by force.

Shoplifting: The California Penal Code 459.5 PC defines shoplifting crimes as misdemeanors where offenders are charged with entering an open commercial establishment during its business hours to steal low valued items below $950. Small items commonly stolen in shoplifting crimes include DVDs, smartphones, iPads and iPods.

Newport Beach, California courts views misdemeanor and felony crimes seriously with appropriate penalties that could include jail terms and heavy fines. Serious felony crimes could trigger capital punishment which California upholds unlike most other states in America. Hence, professional legal representation must be engaged to ensure a fair trial and favorable outcome to the alleged offender.

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