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The city complies with the state Penal Code laws on all crimes to ensure justice and order for all in the city. Crimes in Livermore could be classified as misdemeanors or felonies where the former is considered less serious crimes and the latter the more serious crimes. Different categorization of crimes triggers different degrees of punishments that befit the crime depending on the case and prosecution.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

Serious crimes are classified as felonies with specific definitions and penalties as listed in state Penal Code 667 for murder, gross vehicular manslaughter due to intoxication, forced sexual crimes and child pornography as well as manufacturing and distribution of illegal substances like drugs.

Less serious crimes such as petty theft or shoplifting could be charged as misdemeanors although a high tag above $950 could sway the classification to felony according to Penal Code 459.5 PC on shoplifting. Many stolen property must be valued at the current market to identify the category of charge to the defendant.

Other serious crimes include sex crimes and domestic violence which the state laws allow stringent punishments based on the severity of the crime to safeguard the alleged victims. The state Sex Offender Registration Act or Megan’s Law is usually imposed on the convicted offender in any sex crime which would be recorded in the criminal record of the offender. Such labels would hamper job opportunities and immigration issues. A violation of the sex offense regulations would incur harsher penalties under the California Penal Code 290(b).

Penalties of Crimes Convicted in

Every crime that is convicted in Costa Mesa is subject to the respective CA Penal Code law and sentences. Each sentence is meted out by the court to commensurate with the crime as a deterrent for repeats and other potential violators.

A sex crime conviction penalty would trigger:

  • The stringent registration as a sex offender
  • County jail term of 1 year
  • Heavy fines up to $10000

Under the California Penal Code 488 and 490.2 PC on petty thefts, penalties could include:

  • A maximum 6 months in county jail
  • A maximum fine of $1000

However, grand theft auto crimes may incur higher fines and longer jail term as the value of the stolen item is greater.

Burglaries would activate the state Penal Code 459 PC with penalties depending on first degree or second degree burglary classification. First degree burglary is a felony with county jail and fine while second degree burglary offers shorter jail term and lower fines.

Shoplifting crimes differ from Petty theft crimes in Livermore according to the California Penal Codes 459.5 and 484 respectively where penalties include:

  • Probation
  • County jail of maximum 6 months
  • Fine of maximum $1000

Many California crimes which fall under the misdemeanor category could have the option of activating Proposition 47 by special request where the criminal charge could be expunged through the professional legal assistance of skilled and competent criminal defense lawyers.

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