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Victorville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Best Victorville Criminal Defense Attorney – Experienced & Affordable DUI Law Firm Aggressively Handling Petty Theft Crimes, Bench Warrant, Shoplifting, Restraining Order, Expungement, Burglary and Sex Crimes etc

If you or a loved is looking for an experienced, affordable, one of the best Victorville criminal defense lawyer who can help you with Petty Theft Crimes, Shoplifting, Bench Warrant, Expungement, Restraining Order, Sex Crimes, Domestic Violence, Burglary, Vandalism, Robbery, White Collar Crimes, Drunk Driving etc contact us. Our Victorville criminal defense attorney offer personalized 24/7 free consultation to help you regain your freedom.

Although every town or city in California has its own law and order, the general state Penal Code takes precedence for most criminal cases. The state criminal court process could be complex and intimidating without the proper legal knowledge and understanding of the laws and court protocols. Experienced and skilled defense lawyers are helpful legal representation to get through the complicated labyrinth of processes for a safe and favorable passageway. The California criminal court process encompasses:

  • Arraignment
  • Bail process and hearing
  • Pre-trial process
  • Jury trials
  • Proceedings after a guilty plea or verdict
  • Sentence hearings

Responsible defense lawyers would present mitigating circumstances for a more lenient penalty while the prosecution continues with aggravating circumstances presentation for harsher penalties to be imposed on offender. Triggered Activities with a DUI Charge and Conviction When a Campbell driver is arrested on DUI charges, several activities would be triggered. 1) A first DUI conviction would bring about:

  • Short jail terms below 6 months
  • Small fines below $1000
  • Suspension of driver’s license for 6 months
  • Mandatory attendance to DUI program
  • Installation of IID

2) A second DUI conviction would bring about:

  • Jail terms between 90 days and 1 year
  • Fines below $1000
  • Suspension of driver’s license for 1 year
  • Mandatory attendance to DUI program
  • Installation of IID

3) A third DUI conviction would bring about:

  • Jail terms between 120 days and 1 year
  • Fines below $1000
  • Labeled “habitual traffic offender” for 3 years
  • Suspension of driver’s license for 2 months
  • Mandatory attendance to DUI program
  • Installation of IID

Domestic Violence  Domestic violence in Irvine, California is not tolerated by the law with stringent penalties and punishments upon conviction. The prosecution is very strong and diligent in its approach towards domestic violence offenders calling for harsh penalties from the court. In-depth independent investigations are to be diligently conducted to secure accurate facts and evidences including material witnesses to present the case professionally in court. Domestic violence could be in the form of:

  • spousal battery
  • child/elderly abuse/endangerment
  • corporal injury to spouse or cohabitant

Petty Theft/Shoplifting Thefts could come in many guises and forms which the California theft laws try to cover as wide a scope as possible. Changes to the theft laws in the state are rampant with new situations arising as modern technologies spring forth advanced devices and gadgets that could be instrumental in conducting such crimes. Advanced technological gadgets and devices that are manipulated to execute a petty theft or shoplifting crime turn the theft to be more complicated and challenging for law enforcement teams to solve or make arrests Please contact our Irvine defense team now for free consultation and solutions on your legal problems.

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